About Amplify

Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation is a Regina, Saskatchewan-based digital media production services firm. We produce client content that attracts, engages and converts audiences.

Founded in 2015, Amplify's builds the client-branded bits that travel over the web and broadcast airwaves. In 2018, we acquired our permanent home in Regina's Warehouse District, hanging our shingle at 1329 Scarth Street. The shop features a collaborative, open office workspace, video production studio and audio/visual post production facilities.

Our Team

Let us introduce our merry band of multi-instrumentalists. No one-trick ponies 'round here.

Combined, our team has decades of experience in communications, marketing and advertising sectors. Learn more if you choose.

Jordan Martin Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin

B. Admin

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Jordan is Amplify's social media maven, and looks after clients' day to day social needs.

Derek Barnes Derek Barnes

Derek Barnes

BA, HFI Certified Usability Analyst

Digital Producer

I'm a Usability Analyst and Web Developer who loves music, art, and golf.

Nicole Olfert Nicole Olfert

Nicole Olfert

BAA(VC), Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual Communications)

Art Director

Art director, resident plant lady, and lover of all things rose gold.

Scott Harwood Scott Harwood

Scott Harwood

School of Hard Knocks

President, Digital Producer

Howdy! I get a charge helping clients use digital media to maximize their objectives.

Our Purpose

We exist to produce client content that attracts, engages and converts audiences.

In an Amplify world, all stakeholders thrive.

Clients thrive with creative digital media services that exceed marketing objectives. Employees thrive by progressing careers and marking professional achievements. Affiliates thrive by expanding reach. And, shareholders thrive through growth. Join us!

Our History

The Amplify origin story begins in 2006, when founder Scott converted a decommissioned pool house into an audio and video production studio. He offered digital production services to former ad agency colleagues under the brand InsertMotion Digital.

But, as the operation grew, he realized an opportunity to expand, adding artists and production technicians to the fold. In 2015, the firm was incorporated as the Amplify Digital Marketing Corporation.

Why rebrand Amplify?

It's a nod to two of Scott's creative passions: music, and marketing.

Louder, and Better

Amplification isn't just about dialing up the volume (that said, Amplify controls go to eleven).

For us, it's as much about the nuances of tone, of saturation, of space, and level.

When we amplify a client goal, we aim directly into the hearts of their audiences, with messages and imagery that resonate and move the marketing meters.

More Signal. Less Noise.